photos of the walk in essen

Essen with surroundings is largely known for its industrial capacities connected to Ruhr river. The story of the area is characterized by hard work and solidarity, largely constructed from its soaring wealth of “black gold” or coal for nearly a century that ended with rough time of the 70’s and 80’s. Last few decades went in direction of a new kind of renaissance and re-designing Ruhr into the culture capital of Germany. With a vast architectural landscape of churches, old factories and industrial parks, the area redefined its identity and set new dimension in its existence.

the exactly way we worked in essen
we add quick reponse codes on the walk in essen

Tallinn is this year European city of culture so we decided to start our project there. It offers unique architectural characteristics, with a present interaction of various historical influences starting with middle ages through some rich decorated  wooden facade villas, pragmatically planned soviet buildings to extremely futuristic attempts of nowadays ambitious headquarter planning.

Every shape of the tree has 13 points where we put a waterproof paper origami folded tree (or more of them). Then the documentation follows. It is normally based on photos or in several cases video. By the tree we also seed some grass and leave so called seed-bags with the printed blog address as a link to it.